Bauerfeind Compression Training Sock

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Compression Sock Training

Sports stocking for ball sports

The Compression Sock Training sports stocking has special functional zones with light compression to provide protection in stop-and-go sports. These are sports involving rapid turning and jumping movements, like football, basketball or tennis. The stocking’s taping zone helps to create a greater feeling of stability in the ankle, while its muscle-toning zone specifically stimulates the calf muscles during movement.

  • Functional zones with gentle compression
  • Increased ankle stability
  • Protection zone for the Achilles tendon
Stable ankle

The contrasting-colored design of the “figure of eight” around the instep and heel indicates the Compression Sock Training’s taping zone. Based on the well-known active principle of a tape bandage, the firmer, compressive knit provides the ankle with greater stability and increases proprioception during movement. This improves coordination and provides greater security when making quick changes of direction.

Muscle stimulation

The muscle-toning zone on the calf also exerts gentle compression at certain points and counteracts tiring muscle vibrations. Its asymmetrical anatomical shape specifically stimulates the muscles during movement, thus facilitating gentle muscle building.

Protection zone for Achilles tendon

The Compression Sock Training’s heel cushion eases the strain on the Achilles tendon and protects this sensitive area against pressure and rubbing when it is under great stress. Additional toe, forefoot and heel padding absorbs any impact and ensures a firm grip in the shoe. The breathable material guarantees the required moisture transfer during sporting activity and ensures a pleasant foot climate.

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